I remember being so obsessed with this song then I had to spend 40 minutes making this edit! I made it a long time ago!

What’s your favorite song off of All Things Bright and Beautiful? Reblog and tell us!

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    The Real World
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    hootowlsreunite: firstjohnfoursevenandeight: dearvienna13: ronnieblue2: maybeillride-changemylife: claire-leah:...
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    Not really original but if I had to choose only one song, it will be “The real world”. When I heard it… I felt as if he...
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    Wow!!!!! :O Im surprised at how many of you guys took part in our QOTD! And it looks like most people’s fav song from...
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    A favorite for me (although, like ronnieblue2 said you can’t really pick one) would have to be Angles. I love the way he...
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    I can’t ever skip Kamikaze or Umbrella Beach. They’re songs that can boost you up no matter how sad you are! I agree...
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    Omg I love this, how we’re all talking about our favourite songs :’) Hospital flowers gets me every time, I don’t know...
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    I have more than one and I don’t know which one to choose! Shy Violet is one..the lyrics are quite simple but still very...
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    Man ATBAB is a fantastic album and is by far my favorite. Kamikaze and The Real World kinda tie in as my two favorites...
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    Plant Life
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    Kamikaze 😃
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    This is hard…Alligator Sky and Honey and the Bee are tops :)